We are fortunate to have a variety of fish species to catch and observe in our South Jersey back bay, and near shore waters. Depending on the season, and NJ fishing regulations, we discuss and target your preference. The New Jersey "Grand Slam" consists of the Stripped Bass, Bluefish, Flounder, and elusive Weakfish. Kids love fish with sharp and nasty teeth, and cool names. Sharks, Bluefish, and Sting Rays always excite them, and are plentiful from May thru September.

Listed below are our most targeted fish. To learn more about the fish, click on the links provided below.


Type Location Season  

Striped Bass Bay/Ocean April - December
Flounder/Fluke Bay May - September
Weakfish Bay June - September
Bluefish Bay/Ocean April - November
Sharks Bay/Ocean April - November
Tog Bay/Ocean July - November
Croakers Ocean July - September
Sea Bass Ocean June - November
Kingfish Bay-Ocean June - September




Fun to catch and release are Sea Robins, Skates, Spot, Star Gazer, and Eels.


We always look for opportunities to observe Porpoise, schools of bait fish, Osprey, and other waterfowl as they hunt and nest.


Marine Species Identification